Branding and Identity

Branding and Identity

Branding and identity are two things that will either make or break your company. Understanding the importance behind them will ensure that your never falter and seek out professional services that can help you build your brand and your identity. Essentially, you should be thinking about how your brand is your promise to the world, it is an asset. Be real, stay authentic and keep re-imagining with branding and identity services that capture your brand’s DNA, as well as your audience’s attention.

Here at Twisted Frame, we develop and execute brand strategies that best reflect the core mission, vision and goals of your organization; which in turn, build trust and customer loyalty. When a brand is easily recognizable, it gives your company an edge against the competition. This is the sole reasoning behind the importance of establishing and building a strong brand for yourself through our branding and identity services. The impact that is made through your marketing and advertising is what people remember, what intrigues them to want to know more, what will keep them coming back time and time again.

Whether it’s branding strategy, corporate branding, or product branding; from positioning, customer and stakeholder research, branding and identity videos, naming, competitive benchmarking to lifecycle assessments and strategies, we clearly define your identity. You will need to fully understand who you are as a company/organization and what you are trying to present. This will allow our teams to collaborate with one another and truly clear the path that you are choosing to take.

Combining your ideas and thoughts, allows us to already see the brand guide that you have set in place. We have the innate ability to articulate your visions through our video and media productions. Define, design and deliver with branding and identity videos that set you apart from the competition and position you at the forefront of your audience. This is your time to shine and earn that respect and gain the recognition that your organization deserves.

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