It’s the era when hitting play can drive a business. Better believe it. 

Weve entered the remotemode. Businesses and customers are both adapting within this new mode. 

Lets see as to how business videos are working on both sides of this spectrum. 

The business end

Businesses are gearing up to make sales through remote techniques right from salesmen making visual sales, video walkthroughs, zoom meetings. With brands moving into the online space and leveraging video production, advertisers are also estimating dynamic growth. In fact, Facebook’s global video ad revenue is expected to grow to 9.582 billion by 2021. 

The customers end

Customers are spending humongous time online, scrolling up and down their phone screen. Over 45% of people watch more than an hour of videos on Facebook or YouTube per week. Audiences retain 95% of the information after watching a video. Even way better than text or images! 

Booster 1: Business videos to make a sale

In a remote social distancing climate, business pitches lack the human element which forms connects. Big words?

Lets see how its shaping up. Sales, marketing and business development teams arent able to go to the field to make any sales pitches. However, your prospective client will still need to see, hear and feel your product offering. Getting back into action requires the same approach like earlier: to be able to see, hear and feel to make any sales. A video provides for this connective dynamism. Simple, right! Its no surprise that video production is boosting lead generation and conversion action. Just using a video on landing pages can increase conversion by 86%. Now thats what we are talking about. 

Booster 2: Business videos to justify your consumers demand 

Why would people not purchase high-end clothes, automobiles or even electronics? One reason, of course can be to conserve monetary saving reserves. But what about the ones who had already planned to make this purchase until two months ago? Who is addressing this huge market of people waiting to make their purchases? 

And the larger question is: what is making them uncomfortable to purchase online, without having experienced the product? They are valid in their skepticism of the quality of the end-product which they will receive at their doorstep after paying their hard-earned money. Theyre worried as to how will the brand justify their demand?

But what if, sitting in their living rooms, people could be sure of what theyre ordering: just as they do with their groceries. For instance, heres a business video made for RBC mortgage showcasing as to how one can easily renew their mortgage. The video presents a simple-to-understand online tool demo using neat and fast-paced motion graphics and illustration. 

Booster 3: Business videos to help customers experience

Businesses can hire VR and 360-degree video production services. VR combined with technology can be optimised to address this market. Consumers could take a world-class virtual experience, tour of the car right from choosing its seat colours (and seeing their colour option on an e-modelled car on screen), to test driving it on multiple terrains.

Maybe even see that high-end shirt on models of all sizes right before their eyes to aid their purchasing decision. Providing them with written matter to only read measurements and a few shirt images clicked from various angles for the amount quoted; isnt justified anymore. 

Booster 4: Changing the scape of healthcare

Hands shake when people on both side of the table are all clear. Precisely, when they understand each other completely. 

The major concern in the medical field is the complexity of medical concepts be it for investors, nurses or students. Business videos help break down these concepts for potential clients in a simple, engaging and straightforward way. Right from videos for product walkthroughs for doctors, improving patient engagement to medical video training for medical students. Heres a detailed read of how animation studios in Toronto are benefitting the healthcare industry. Healthcare brands are using different corporate animation styles to drive objectives. It’s not surprising to know that the market size of animation is estimated to rise from US$ 247 million in 2020 to US$ 272.1 million by 2026

Check out a few of our business videos for the healthcare sector for brands such as Octapharma, Takeda, Uresta and many more. 

Every business video should definitely take note to consider the viewers heart as key. After all, emotions are important to drive purchasing. 

At Twisted Frame, we produce umpteen number of business videos to drive business goals across industries of healthcare, automobile, beauty and music. We are here to understand your business objectives and take them to your audiences through engaging video-led production and animation solutions. 

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