medical training video

A medical training video on a surgical procedure is beneficial to healthcare practitioners.

Learning is a constant variable in medicine. A medical training video is an invaluable tool for healthcare professionals who are passionate about advancing their skills. It’s also indispensable for medical students whose curiosity will lead them to become better practitioners.

We’ve compiled a YouTube “must watch” medical training video showcase that medical professionals and students will find beneficial for the practice.

Osmosis – This platform is proud to call itself your “personal learning assistant for health sciences.”  With 44 million views on YouTube, this is a great resource for future clinicians and caregivers. Their vision is “everyone who cares for someone will learn by Osmosis.”

iMedicalSchool –  Medical training video features found in this channel intend to explain complicated medical subjects to students, nurses, physician assistants. medical assistants, physicians and patients. While it intends to educate viewers iMedical School also writes its disclaimer policy which states that their videos are for “entertainment purposes only.”

Harvard Medical School – This channel features fresh scientific discoveries, trends in biomedical research and education, profiles of thought leaders, conversations on health policy.

Oxford Medical Education – This platform hosts medical training video productions made by students at Oxford  University Medical School. It is also linked to Oxford University Medical Education, a free and open-access medical education resource for doctors and medical students.

FtpLectures Academy – as the name indicates this channel gives access to medical lectures. This channel has over 300 hours of lectures that simplifies medical information for medical and nursing students and other healthcare professionals interested in learning more about medicine.

Healthcare practitioners and medical students are the biggest consumers of healthcare videos.

Lecturio Medical Education – This channel is specifically targeted to medical students preparing for their medical board exams such as USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2 CK, MCAT, MBBS. However, the channel is also helpful to pre-med, medical or nursing students, faculty member, physician, physician assistant, or any other health professional interested in medical education. They have new video lectures every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Strong Medicine – This channel provides medical training video presentations on various topics. It now has over 200,000 subscribers and more than 15 million views!

Stanford Medicine 25 –  This is a Stanford School of Medicine initiative to teach and promote the bedside physical exam techniques.

UMMCVideos – This is the official YouTube channel of the University of Maryland Medical Center, a major teaching hospital in the Maryland and Mid-Atlantic region in the US.

Sgulcso (Clinical Skills Online) – Launched in YouTube 11 years ago, this medical training video channel provides online videos demonstrating core clinical skills common to a wide range of medical and health-based courses. These videos are covered by the Creative Commons and are freely available to anyone using them for educational, personal and non-commercial purposes. – Whoa! 121 million views after 268,000++ subscribers! Dr. Carlo Oller is a board certified emergency physician with more than 12 years experience – and you guessed it right. If you’re looking to train as an ER doctor then the medical training video features in this channel will rock your boat. The channel features patient diagnosis, symptoms, treatment and procedures encountered in the ER department.  

Healthcare Triage –  Dr. Aaron Carroll explains healthcare policy, medical research, and answers queries on medicine, health and healthcare.

And last but not least,

Dr. Najeeb Lectures –  This channel gives free lectures for students of medicine, dentistry, nursing and pharmacy.*OMontelibano