Are you looking to promote your business but can’t seem to ideate them to perfection? Well, this is where corporate video production comes into play. From raising brand awareness to adding some pizzaz to topics of grave seriousness (ads on stocks?), corporate ads have come a long way.

Back in 2018, The State of Video Marketing survey had said, “97% of marketers told us that video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service and 76% said it helped to increase their sales.”

The art of corporate video and advertisement is more than just blabbering your brand’s benefits on screen. There is color, music, themes, and of course, the selling point, all of which go into making the perfect video. 

So, if you are looking to get some pointers on how the best video editing techniques work wonders, here are the top 5 corporate videos that speak for themselves:

#1 Cruiser

Cruiser’s grunge video evokes a nostalgic sense of riding high into the hot summer dust. The continuous revving from the bike, blending with the guitar riffs, makes the perfect tune for power. We see how the video’s tones are close to a deserty summer afternoon, and the bike’s features zoning out into a car’s and back. Twisted frame’s creation of using a car to remind us of the equal power a two-wheeler can hold shows that you do not need to outshine the competition. Sometimes, you exist to remind others how close you compete with top brands.

#2 Interac Fraud Prevention

Online financial security is our ultimate priority. We strive to keep our money safe and our identity secure from theft. Twisted Frame‘s Motion Graphics Services with Interac’s Fraud Prevention video prove yet again that they know their game with colors and interactive tunes. In this video, we hear a breezy careless beat that pairs up perfectly with Interac’s message safety is the best choice. What keeps the eyes fixed on their products is the color yellow. This carefree shade and the beach-holiday jingle help keep the attention on the message of digital security. Quite similar to making children eat healthy veggies when their favorite cartoon is on!

#3 Eleven Store USA

A little says a lot. And this is a formula that Twisted’s Video Production the team went with for Eleven Store USA advertisement for sneakers. The video starts with a generic shot of a shoe’s basic making and quickly switches to minimalist shots of shoes, their unique features, and how they rock. All these, in a few short sentences and quick glances of their new line of sneakers. Flash images create a sense of speed and stability as the shades recreate on different pieces of sneakers.

#4 General Electric

Corporate animation is the next big thing in the advertisement sector, and the USA’s General Electric’s employment campaign proves that. Its cool blue shades dominating the animated ad blends a beautiful fusion of corporate and freedom. Alongside upbeat music, the ad makes for a beautiful artistic explainer video that is perfect for brand awareness. 

The ad portrays how a short animated clip can handle a plethora of information and compress them into one simple message. 

#5 Airbnb

We all know how hotel ads work. You get a view of luxury living and the perks that come with it. Now, what would you say to an ad on accommodation that aims to make you feel right at home?

Airbnb’s Living a Richer Life ad gives off the exquisite feel of living abroad while adding warm messages from hosts who welcome everyone for their stay. In this video, the hosts speak for the brand, explaining how their earnings help them achieve their dreams while guests live like royalties in their spare spaces at home. 

While from a business perspective, the videos truly have a selling point. However, from the host’s stories, it is more about visitors feeling cared for while helping their hosts live their dream lives by doing business with Airbnb.

If you are looking to enhance your ads with corporate video production, Toronto-based Twisted Frame’s services can come in handy! Their professional video editing and corporate video creations are one-of-a-kind and can help boost your brand’s name in no time!

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