Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production can, and should be, an important part of your brand. A well produced video has the potential to boost sales, inspire confidence and increase in-house productivity.

Clients want to know if your brand can be trusted; a corporate video is just the tool that’s need to capture and grow that trust. Finding the right corporate video production studio, should be top priority in relation to presenting a brand, or anything else to do with internal or external communication.

A trusted strategic partner must be open to two-way communication, to lay out an early narrative path for your goal(s). You want to find someone with solid strategic thinking skills, that go beyond logistics and costs. To minimize friction, it’s wise to conduct some research on a potential corporate video production company: this research should go beyond just glancing at the Clients tab found on the main site.

Start small. Ask around. Email a client who used the service, and ask him or her how did their commissioned corporate video turned out. Was the process enjoyable? Did the cost-to-benefit ratio make sense? Would the commissioned studio be invited again for an upcoming project? Any additional info can shorten the search, and ensure if you’re even on the right path to finding the right partner, to make the right kind of video.

You don’t need to deliver a large scale production to get results. Often, a smaller production house will have all the necessary tools to achieve the set goal. And as an added bonus, working with a small-scale corporate video production studio will assure that no detail is left behind on the editing floor.

Tapping into the mojo of your company or brand is best achieved when everyone enjoys watching a well produced project. Even a corporate video made to inform can stand out and be memorable; thus, be effective in its previously established goal. Before reaching out to potential studios, reach out to your employees, ask what is the most memorable corporate video they have ever seen. Don’t be surprised if the room is overtaken by silence. Most corporate videos are seen as a chore to watch.

This does not mean you have to produce an Emmy Award winning skit — a few simple tricks can make a learning or informative video enjoyable. Make a short catchy video that will retain attention and not bore audiences with long drawn out script and cheesy dialogue. Stylize. Stylize. Stylize. Just think what kind of a wicked boost your team would get by watching a corporate video styled after Game of Thrones! It is most likely, many of your employees are already tuned to the show — a swift walk to the water cooler will probably confirm this.

Popular media is popular for a reason, as it tends to appeal to a wider audience and promote dialogue. Use it to your advantage. Consider working with your amazing team, to increase the chance that both parties will fast forward to a five-star premier. Take a bow, you deserve it.