Post-production for corporate videos requires blood, sweat, and tears. Well, mostly sweat because this isn’t war, but a creative space. So, how to make this process a more efficient task without stress? The answer lies in AI. 

Using AI in the post-production process is a sure-shot way of easing your job and giving you more time to correct the slightest error before launch. The many benefits of AI during video production cannot go unnoticed. That’s why Twisted Frame, a renowned video editing and production company from Canada, has a few tips for using AI post-production. Without further ado, let’s check them out!

#1 Turning Video Editing Nightmares into Dreams

The A-Z of video editing feels like a jumbled-up mess. You have so many tasks to finish, and much less time. Honestly, those nightmares about school exams are better.

But with the help of artificial intelligence, you can secure your stress and mental turmoil. AIs are machine-learning software, which holds the power to analyze and assess raw footage. By doing so, this software can easily identify errors and help you clear up the video in no time.

Detecting Flaws in Seemingly Awesome Video Edits

These errors can be negligible to the naked eye, such as a glitch in a sound effect, a crack in someone’s voice, or a shift in the background color. As such, AI can detect errors on the spot and list out everything in no time. Normally, you will need hours or even days to detect and figure out these editing processes.

Now, AI can only detect these errors. The marketing genius in the room is still you. You can edit off the frown. And that’s why you wear the crown. However, using AI, you can take significantly less time and effort to figure out which parts of the video need a fresh coat of paint. 

#2 AI and Sound Composition: A Symphony of Efficiency

The task of sound editing is a daunting task, even if the result is music to our ears. It’s great to listen to some soulful tunes but tiring to put them on repeat to figure out the perfect scores.

Thankfully, various AI tools have the power to automate the tasks to edit sounds. Keep in mind that sound editing is crucial before social media launches. Thankfully, be it a corporate video in Toronto or a global launch Twisted Frame can help your work be audibly immersive.

Creating Sonic Background Brilliance 

Not only do these apps help adjust the sound effects, but also amplify the background music and brand tones. Let’s take a listen to the soulful track that plays in the Mindfulness Without Borders video by Canada’s Twisted Frame.

Here, the sound is crisp, soothing, and immersive. It fits well with the message that the video shares, and helps you relate to the cause. If you’re short of time and are desperately searching for a solution, try AI. Various AI software can detect pacing and tone in video audio, search out the problem areas, and target them for you. Thanks to such software, you can dust off the poor sound quality and get a video made with love for your audience. 

#3 Harnessing AI Colour Palette Precision

Imagine being able to correct each scene’s color and shades. And, it takes less than a day. That’s what AI can do for you. It ensures your ‘mark’ is prominent and quick in marketing.

Enhance & Excel! 

With the help of AI software, you can quickly adjust color brightness, shades, and contrast, and even change some colors to suit the company’s needs. But that’s not all, as AI helps to bring in an overall consistency that videos might miss during production.

But what is the impact of AI which substitutes manual labor? For starters, while the machine learning system ensures your video is crisp to the core, you can utilize that time to correct other parts of the video, such as its audio errors, or its voice acting, and even work as a team to erase any wrongs that can tank your video.

All in all, AI helps save time so you can focus on creating the best video output for your corporate projects. It also helps bring about cohesiveness to your video, making it more immersive visually, audibly, and as a message for the public. Remember, AI can’t make what you can. But it can help you create masterpieces through your ideas and creativity. 

Better Your Corporate Video with Twisted Frame

Now that you understand how AI can help with post-production. The need for machine learning in our daily work can help us finish our work faster, efficiently, and perfectly.

Of course, when you want the professional touch, Canada-based Twisted Frame has you covered. This Toronto video production company understands the human aspect of advertising and reaching out to digital onlookers. Contact today, to learn more about corporate video production and its steps.