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Twisted Frame

Years of Experience

Have you been on a ruthless search for the most trusted company that you can find that offers video production in Toronto? Video production is not something that a person can just figure out how to do on their laptop. Many try and many fail. Truly professional video production in Toronto should be left to the experts.

Twisted Frames has over 10 years of experience in Video Production Services. If you’ve ever seen some of the amateur videos out there on youtube ® or at a family reunion, a large number of them are cringe-worthy, if not entertaining.

From Inception to Completion

Where strategy meets creativity

Professional Team

Our talented team of storytellers will hone the power of video to create an experience that resonates through the hype by turning moments into memories.


All it takes is an idea to begin to feel the magic of the video production experience.


At Twisted Frame, we’re a video production company that knows how to leave a lasting impression.


We’re a diverse studio comprised of strategists, artists, designers, writers, craftsman, engineers and all around thinkers and do’ers who have years of experience in broadcast, video, motion design, visual effects, editing and web packaging.


We’re here to bring a human lens to content production to find your brand’s story and share it with the world– while driving your audience towards the purchasing path.


Whether you need production or post production video services, video editing services, video color correction services, VFX and compositing services, branding and identity videos, animation or motion graphics, the minds behind Twisted Frame deliver your message with passion, excitement and results.

Just ask Rogers, Bell, Trojan or William Shatner.