So, you’re excited about the video created for your business in Toronto. You’re ready to roll it out, share it with clients & customers. 

Everyone tells you that it looks fantastic. The sound and visuals of your business video are spot-on. The graphics are splendid. 

But then you second-guess. An inexplicable feeling of doubt sprouts. And you wonder why?

The truth is that a better-looking video DOES NOT mean better results. Corporate video production in Toronto is more than a ‘better video’. 

Second-guessing can be completely put to rest if you simply ask these question before rolling a video for your business. 

#1 Did you ask what are the target’s pain points before writing your script?

In the new era of corporate video production in Toronto, a script isn’t ‘only’ a good story anymore. Today, the script is a reflection of people’s problems. It’s a resolution for these problems. 

Your script better let people know as to how the product is a wonderful solution

#2 Have you made sure that the complex idea is simplified? 

No one likes to take time out to process jargon. Jargon can simply tune out audiences within seconds.

And the truth is, business concepts can be complicated. Animation does two phenomenal things here:

  • Break down the complex concept into a straightforward manner.
  • Through the use of colour, characters and story; it engages audiences in original ways. 

Here’s how we went about making an engaging video for Octapharma, a leading pharmaceutical firm.

We were approached to produce a medical educational video for their product: Nuwiq Molecular method of action to highlight Octapharma’s haemophilia R&D and how it is improving treatment for patients. We used dynamic 3D models, compositing and motion graphics to depict complex ideas such as how Factor VIII works in the blood stream and its interaction with proteins. Our team of creative animators and designers showcased assets such as antibodies, the role of Factor VIII and Nuwiq in the simplest yet creative manner for a better understanding of all healthcare providers in the pharmaceutical industry. 

#3 Did you share your brand culture or only sell your product?

While businesses make videos about their culture to gain employee loyalty or to hire fresh talent; here’s why knowing a brand’s culture is important for the customer today. Customers are cautious about almost everything: right from their job, food hygiene, doorknobs, source of products, packaging etc. 

For instance, if you’re a restaurant; today the customer wants to know how does your staff operate in the kitchen. Are you sanitising it every 2 hours? Are you checking the temperatures of the cooks/ staff every morning? Is the staff residing in your facility? Are you ensuring contactless delivery?

Sharing this culture of your brand can help your customer feel safe and educated before placing his/her order. 

#4 Are the ‘effects’ helping any emotion? Or, simply there to add ‘fluff’.

Experimenting with tempo & effects must create some value, if not it’s a waste. Not helping convert. 

Have you experienced the below emotions while watching a video?

The adrenalin surge while someone jumps off a cliff in a travel brand’s ad, or the relaxation-evoking thought while watching a family relaxing in a resort’s walkthrough video. 

And still, “You don’t know what exactly will convince your audience to make a purchase.”

83% of marketers think video is becoming more and more important.

But get this ingrained – you cannot predict what can convince your audience to make the purchase. You never could, and never can – unless you decide to put someone on gunpoint. The billions of changing, evolving and existing thoughts within each individual can only influence him/her to buy the product.

Now, that you’ve understood this. You will not be afraid to focus on the video-making process than the marketing aim. The aim is always to ‘sell’. Done.

Here are a few questions which you can ask yourself. 

  1. Is interactive video production required to connect remotely? 
  2. Will a portion of the audiences watch this video on mute? If yes, explore working with animators and graphic artist to use motion graphics/ text play to highlight your Call-To-Action.
  3. Do we need to choreograph a catchy step to communicate the message of washing hands for 20 seconds? Loop in an experienced music composer to compose the track and lyrical message. 

Today’s corporate video production is a lot more than only ‘look & feel’. At Twisted Frame, we’ve used our 360-degree video solutions to drive messages of varied businesses to their target audiences. Let us know if you too are looking for a concrete video solution in Toronto to drive your business in these uncertain times. 

After all, 2021 is the year to upscale your business via video marketing – done correctly.