Imagine this. It’s a beautiful weekend in Toronto.

Matthew is waiting to board his flight. Just then, he sees your brand’s video ad while watching a fitness YouTube video.

Janet is lazing on her couch. While scrolling through her Instagram feed, she sees your brand’s video content.

Access to social media has become a ‘must-have’ in almost every person’s daily life. Ever seen people desperately trying to connect to the wifi at every new location? Crazy, right? 

The ever-buzzing social media has become an essential medium for businesses to communicate and touch base with their audience. 

Brands cannot deny that one of the most effective ways to capture attention and convey information on social media is through social media video content. Above 80% of advertisers incorporate social media videos in their marketing strategies. Now, the main challenge. Creating easy-to-consume & high-quality social media videos for the audience. 

Twisted Frame, a leading video production company in Toronto, is here to share insider tips for social media video production.  Tips that will help your brand reach thousands of Matthews & Janets as they carry on their daily lives. 

  • Find an Insight That Creates a Brand Need

Video production starts at the strategy level. And an important part of the strategy is – finding powerful insights. 

Brainstorm and find out a strong insight that can create a need for your brand. 

Here’s a washing machine soap brand that came up with a strong insight. 

Coffee stains on clothes can be difficult. Don’t we all know it?

One needs to put in manual effort to scrub & rub. The washing machine soap brand emphasised the ‘ease’ factor. The ease with which the toughest of stains are removed. 

Once the insight is locked, it can be used to write the video content for different social media platforms. 

  • Plan Your Video Content with GTA

For all Grand Theft Auto fans, we don’t mean the awesome game. Talking about GTA in social media video production, we mean Goal of Video-Target Audience identification- Action Points

Goal of Video: Define the purpose of your video.

Target Audience identification:  Identify your target audience.

Action Points: Decide which social platforms (YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok) will you run your content on. Accordingly, brainstorm ideas for your video script. 

  • Optimise for Different Platforms

If only one could post the same video across YouTube, Instagram & LinkedIn, life would be easy. Well, anything worthwhile needs work.

So make sure that you’ve optimised your master video for different platforms. Ensure you’ve edited different cuts. Keep in mind that the correct dimension, length, aspect ratio, and other aspects are met. 

For instance, this is how Adidas did it. This is how your files will differ per platform.

Source: Adidas – Instagram

Source: Adidas – YouTube

Source: Adidas – X Formerly  Twitter

Twisted Frame’s cutting-edge video editing services can help you take care of all of it! 

  • Add Correct Captions and Subtitles

You will be surprised to know that many people scroll across social media on mute. They might be travelling in public transport or surrounded by relatives in their homes. Mute watching is common. To make sure your message gets across, add captions or subtitles to your videos

There are a ton of automatic captioning and subtitling apps. Let’s break it to you that the free ones tend to misspell & mishear – quite often.

Someone complained that the caption for ‘embarrassed’ turned out to be ‘I’m harassed’. Now, that’s quite embarrassing.

The paid apps are fairly accurate. But, make sure that you or someone from your team runs a check. Or, you can simply let the experts at Twisted Frame Toronto take care of it. 

  • Make it Mobile-Consumption Friendly

The majority of social media users consume content through their mobile devices.  Here are some ways to keep them happy. 

  • Opt for large fonts. Text that can be read without having to zoom in
  • Easy-to-read fonts
  • Colours that stand out
  • Visuals that are visible on smaller screens


Before giving it a go, test the final output on different mobile screen sizes. different screen sizes. 

  • Keep your Branding Consistent & Clear

Here’s one more imagination exercise for you.  Say, you have a neighbour by the name of Richard. He behaves differently in the same situation. 

Situation: Whenever you see Richard in the lift, you enthusiastically greet him.

Richard’s behaviour 1: Greets you back with enthusiasm. 

Richard’s behaviour 2: Starts dancing.

Richard’s behaviour 3: Maintains silence. 

Such varying behaviours of Richard would appear strange to you. Isn’t it?

Similarly, consistency is key when it comes to social media video production. Maintain consistent branding elements such as fonts, brand colour & correct logo usage across your videos. Refer to your brand book each time. 

This will help viewers recognize and associate your videos with your brand, increasing brand awareness and affiliation. 

  • Leave Your Audience with a Call-To-Action

Let your audience know what they’ve to do after watching your video. Spoon-feed them by verbally spelling it out. 

Be it encouraging viewers to like, comment, share, or visit your website. Or, downloading your app. Or filling out the form. 

A well-executed call to action can significantly drive engagement and conversions from your social media videos.

  • Keep Testing & Learning to Improve

The world of social media is fast-paced. Keep an open mind to new tools and updates. With every video campaign, assess and analyse.

Fearlessly experiment, study your results & improve your social media video production game! 

We Can Help! 

It can be tiring or even daunting for one person to simply figure out the entire social media video production on one laptop. There’s strategy, ideating, shooting, editing, cut-downs for different platforms and so much technical jargon.  We get it! If you need help with planning your social media video strategy or any type of customized brand content – reach out to Twisted Frame Video Production Services in Toronto.