7 best healthcare video ideas for IGTV

by Odette Montelibano

Is your brand deep in strategic planning on how to leverage the use of IGTV?

IGTV debuted two months ago, riding on the success of Instagram’s 1 billion community members and home of Insta-famous healthcare professionals like @doctor.mike known as the “sexiest doctor alive;” neurosurgeon @myronlrolle, one of the smartest people to play pro-football; dental rockstar @doctorapa; dermatologist @drpimplepopper, etc. The new social media channel is looking to topple YouTube as the consumer’s choice for audio-visual digital consumption.

For the innovative healthcare industry being an early adopter of IGTV is strongly recommended. Search #doctor on Instagram to see how many posts come up. It will be a combination of photos and healthcare videos. And it will be more than a million.

Consumption of digital video will further increase as 80% of online content in 2019 will be in video format.  IGTV couldn’t be more timely and relevant. Following the law of supply of demand, it would be the right call for brands to get early on this promising platform. This includes dishing out your best healthcare video content on IGTV!

IGTV Specs for best healthcare video uploads

  • Videos must be between 15 seconds to 10 minutes long.
  • Verified accounts with larger following can upload up to 60 minutes of video. They can only be uploaded from a computer.
  • Videos must use MP4 format
  • Videos must be vertical with an aspect ratio of 9:16; should have a minimum frame rate of 30FPS and minimum resolution of 720 pixes;
  • 10 minute videos should have a maximum file size of 650 MB; and videos up to 60 minutes should have a maximum file size of 3.6GB.
  • Cover photo size should be 420 px by 654 px (1:1.55 ratio). Photos can’t be edited after being uploaded.

Vertical videos might not be what we’re used to viewing on our smart TV screens, laptops and desktops. These are all oriented towards horizontal viewing. It can be awkward to create a vertical best healthcare video. But it’s not totally new as SnapChat and Facebook Live videos are formatted this way. Even YouTube and Vimeo provide options to view videos in portrait mode. This is where video creators drop the rule of thirds and their favorite wide angle shots.

Vertical video format isn’t the favorite of most production outfits or cinematographers. It does seem limited when the budget doesn’t allow shooting in multiple formats. But that’s not to say the best healthcare video can’t be produce for IGTV with tons of creativity.

The good news is that this video format does not limit the type of video content you can upload to your IGTV channel.

Best Healthcare video content for IGTV

Introduction video – Welcome to you! Introductory and greeting videos are popular in YouTube. There’s no reason why they wouldn’t make their mark in IGTV. These videos simply introduce you to the world. The print version of this would be a “brochure” which tells readers who you are, what you do, what you offer, how they can reach you, and what you want them to do (your call to action).

Interview or Q & A – Vertical videos seem most fitting for interview videos – the face-to-face, one-on-one interview that experts give to share in depth knowledge of their field. This may also be the easiest and fastest healthcare video production one can work on.

Your story – Who are you? People connect with you beyond your expertise. What values do you promote? Why do you do what you do? Stories help build strong connection with viewers – customers and patients. Connect deeper in less time! A 30-second video is worth 720,000 words if you follow this equation: 30 Frame Per Second x 30 seconds x 1000 words = 900,000 words.  We’re using 1000 words as the base from the old adage “a picture is worth 1000 words.”

Check TwistedFrame’s healthcare video portfolio here.

How-to videos – Win your audience by creating simple or complex tutorial videos. Teach your audience how to change bandages at home or demo some post-natal care or post-surgery care. You can also demonstrate how to properly use medical assistive devices. You win your audience’s trust the more you show your expertise on what you do.

Webinars – This is another way of establishing your credibility as a healthcare professional. Take advantage of the opportunity to publish long form content by holding 45-60 minute webinars.

Repurposed video content – IGTV gives you a different set of audience from YouTube or Facebook. Use previous recordings or video content published in other social media accounts and expand your reach.

Commercial healthcare videos – Create a 30-45 second healthcare video you can insert in your 45-minute webinar. Commercial videos create instant connection with the audience. These videos are usually focused on one element only. Examples include the mission of the practice, the breakthrough technology used in the practice, the HCPs and staff.

Are you on IGTV yet? Become an early adopter with the help of a professional video production team like TwistedFrame.

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