‘6 Must-Have FCPX Effects Presets for Video Editors

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Go beyond what ever video editor is applying and make your video look big budget.

FCPX is a timeless boon. If you’re an FCPX-ite, it’s always exciting since there are so many dynamic and scenario-changing presets to make your video stand out. While there are inbuilt presets, it’s important to stand out and go beyond what everyone else is applying.

The coolest thing is that once you’ve created the effect through combination of effects, you can save it. Created an effect for a clip? Click file > save video effect preset. The next time you use is, all you need is a simple click. This makes FCPX an absolute time-conserver! 

At Twisted Frame, we’ve favorited 6 presets for our timelines. These are like boosters which save time as well as deliver enhanced looks. Some of the presets which we will discuss also serve to work as saviours if there have been any misses/errors committed while shooting. Ready to modify and make your clips stand out? 

If yes, read on…

  • Get laser focussed with Sharpen 1.5

If you closely notice, a lot of beauty ads and videos swear by sharpness. Adding a tinge of sharpness to a shot can enhance edges. The overall look achieved is a stellar defined look with all meticulousness in place. 

FCPX has a default value for Sharpen – 2.5. Now, sometimes this is quite high for most cameras used. It can deliver a strikingly sharpened look which screams ‘trying too hard!’ On the other hand, 1.5 delivers sharpness by maintaining a flattened finish. This also gives a natural look. 

This preset can even work wonders if the shot has gone out of focus for a jiffy. It can help define the edges and lines. 

If all you need to add to your clip is a minuscule pinch of salt – then explore Sharpen 1 or even 0.5.

  • Title Plugins (Stupid Raisins) to bring vibrancy into your video

There’s a ton of stuff to spice up a video – transitions, effects, and titles. You can totally engage viewers by including text & graphics.

Stupid Raisins offers title plugins (such as Word Pop), pop-ups, callouts and a huge library of fun graphics to spice up your video. 

Another huge way in which graphics help is that they breakdown complex tasks, processes and explanations. For instance, when the interview speaks about a phased- insurance plan, you can use infographics to break down each phase. Data Pop offers interesting infographics to make the video easy & fun for viewers. 

1- Customise these prests

2- Some offer motion tracking. Call-out pop offers this. Point or call out to an object in movement.

Another cool preset is MO2 (Motion VFX) which allows you to add 3D graphics by either developing one from scratch (all elements provided) or further customise a set-one. You can play along the depth-of-field and motion blur to achieve the exact desired look.

  • How to deal with the noise dilemma? Go neat with Neat Video

We’re often stuck in this dilemma. When we’ve a footage that has a dark set, we push up the ISO to bring in some light. The end result: screaming noise on footage. Neat Video acts like a magician to put an end to our dilemmas. 

Neat video gets hold of a uniform clip and reconstruct the sensor data, delivering a high-production noiseless shadows.

  • Do create the ‘Zoom In’

It’s essential to keep the essential presets ready – you never know when you need the basics. 

Here’s how to create the Zoom In

  • Where is the beginning and end of the shot? Simply add the scale keyframe there.
  • Now for the second keyframe, you’ve to ensure that the value is greater than the value of the first one. 
  • Hit save.
  • When you use it, simply open the clip’s animation settings. Drag the second keyframe to the end of your clip


  • Give a boost to the audio with Gain 5

If any editor tells you that ‘anything’ to do with sound file needs to be taken to a sound engineer, then ummm? Then they’re not experienced editors. Just like a director has a vision for each department, so does a video editor. The video editor has a vision for everything on his timelines. While, at a later stage, the video can be taken to a sound studio to ‘master’ sound.

But there’s a ‘clean-up’ to address before it’s mastered. Especially when looking at video interviews. Sometimes the audio is very faint due to recording mess-ups or the space structure causing echoes. A Gain 5 preset can be the fix. Adjust the volume by using the rise/lower volume keyboard shortcut. Set the gain value at 5.

For dialogues, you can set presets for male-female Voice EQ. 


  • Cinema Grade to achieve big budget looks

Grading is a main factor which makes videos look big budget. You must keep a few grades ready and apply it once you’re done with the edit.

Cinema Grade takes a leap. You don’t have to deal with traditional tools. You get the liberty to actually click on objects and modify their colour. You can enhance shades by working on the side panel which is similar to Lightroom’s panel. 

False Color, another useful feature, helps achieve the ‘right exposure’.

Hit View > False Color feature. It alerts areas that are overexposed in red, so you can simply drag those areas down. Dark / crushed things appear purple. All you got to do is drag them up. 

Check out the variations of the blue-orange grades used in majority of the movies. You’ll better your understanding of the colour wheel and be able to create phenomenal grades. FCPX makes the process quite quick by offering preset previews.

At Twisted Frame, we’ve an experienced pool of video editors who excel in a myriad of video edit styles. The narrative can change its value with the power of edit. Do you want to engage customers through video-marketing and kick-start business? Let’s have a chat as to how your business can leverage from the different video types through our Toronto video editing, production and motion graphic services. Reach out for a free chat at (416) 619-1116.