Right from Toronto FC to University of Toronto everyone is taking the motion graphics route.

Here’s why.

The pandemic has pushed businesses in Toronto to re-think. Remote yet dynamic ways are being explored each day through video modalities. The Market Study Report, LLC indicates that the markets of animation as well as VFX are to witness exponential growth by 2025.The research takes into consideration almost all types of corporate animation (animated videos, character animation, sequence images and visual effects using computer graphics). Cerebras Systems, the pioneer in accelerating artificial intelligence (AI) compute, steps foot into Toronto to drive AI technology.

While the prospective client still needs to be able to see and hear the product, motion graphic videos are delivering this human touch in a remote and cost-effective fashion. A multitude of motion graphic video styles are being opted to communicate business goals, operations and for marketing to audiences. 

As the University of Toronto Engineering community gets set to go remote with its classes, professors are using motion graphics videos coupled with light boards instead of chalkboards for effective course delivery. Right from universities, sports to FMCG brands, each is attempting to leverage different styles of motion graphic videos to suit their market. 

So, how exactly do you use a motion graphic video to drive your business? 

Firstly, what are you trying to communicate how to use your app? Or, do you want to explain a complex concept? Or, do you want to entertain and engage your fans to retain them?

Now, that youve answered this; read on. 

#1 Sell simplicity: Explaining complex medical concepts in a simple way

Simply put, motion graphic videos help simplify jargon. This is quite powerful as even a tad bit of jargon can disengage the customer or lead them to hit the cross icon. 

Medicine is undergoing major progress and research. Pharma companies are opting for motion graphics videos to explain complex medical scenarios to their teams, investors, customers., etc.  Doctors need to communicate certain rule sets, patient guidelines, in-depth reading matter to their patients and nurses. 

We were approached by Octapharma, a leading pharmaceutical firm to produce a medical educational video for their product: Nuwiq in order to highlight Octapharma’s haemophilia R&D and how it is improving treatment for patients. We used dynamic 3D models, compositing and motion graphics to depict complex ideas such as how Factor VIII works in the blood stream.

#2 Sell quick understanding: Video pitches through infographic-styled videos

It is no surprise that some businesses with great performing numbers have lost pitches due to non-remote adaptive presentations. While presentations could work very well in the on-ground conference room set-up, they have been confusing people in the remote setup. 

With the work-from-home structure, reporting and pitch-making is occurring through the e-mode. Infographic-based pitch videos are the new presentations. These are a work of art as they deliver the companys values and figures in a quick, easy-to-understand visually appealing summary. The viewer absorbs the information in a hassle-free fashion. Unlike a presentation, the viewer can view the video at a later point too without having someone to take him through it.

Many businesses are opting for infographic videos as opposed to presentations to apply for funding as well. There are other styles to make your video pitch gripping and worth a million bucks, right from the power of kinetic typography to the whiteboard technique that simplifies it all. Read up on the Best Corporate Animation Styles for Business Videos.

#3 Sell convenience: Share the how-to to retain customers

Did the grocery store at the corner of the street get an app too?

In an effort to acquire new customers and retain old ones, businesses are introducing a digital medium of interaction and purchase. The ones who are already on this route, they are making constant upgrades by launching features to further convenience for customers. But how to inform the customers and clients about this? 

While there has been a cut down of on-ground salesforce to go door-to-door and explain how the business or its app works; motion graphics videos are helping say it all. At Twisted Frame, we developed simple-to-understand explainer videos for BatchPro Connect as well as RBC Mortgage. Both the videos are solution-oriented and take the viewer through the brands portal in a step-by-step fashion. Brand colours are seamlessly used to establish brand identification and connect.

#4 Offer emotions: Using character animation instead of real actors

Everyone has a heart and this is why emotions drive everybody. It is a proven truth that emotions rule in the world of advertising. And to communicate emotions, one needs faces. 

The most effective way that helps this work even in a remote set-up is by illustrating characters through motion graphics. This style of video production gives flexibility to illustrate people with emotions, assets and elements. Your story can have relatable protagonists and a full-fledged narrative. 

This is how we crafted a crisp, character-driven motion graphics narrative that has multiple characters and assets for the Excelitas X-Cite Promo. The characters are given dialogues and the messaging to opt for LEDs is done in a fun manner through the bacteria on the petri dish

#5 Sell entertainment: Motion Graphics to entertain 

Brands are using an interplay of motion graphics and sport to reach out to their fans. The National Hockey League is geared to present its players animated graphics this time instead of fans in the seats around the ice. The Return to Play motion graphics consist of 20 individual animations for each of the 24 teams.

At Twisted Frame, its been a fascinating journey to work on different types of business-solution oriented motion graphic videos for our clients. We aim to ensure that the tone in each of our videos is timeless and sustainable in the long run. Lets explore as to how you can communicate with your target audience and drive business with our Toronto based video production and motion graphics company.