Video marketing has become a crucial part of every brand’s marketing strategy – big or small, healthcare or beauty sector. 

Right from capturing the right consumers and businesses, video is working its charm on B2B as well as B2C. 

In a recent statistic from 2021, 80% state that video has directly increased sales. And a whopping one-third of internet users use YouTube. 

You can be making a corporate video in Toronto or an animation video, we’ve gathered tried-and-tested techniques that can better conversion & give a head start to conversations. 

Let’s have a look at some insights which can be used to drive engagement and communicate effectively with your targets. 

  • Planning to create a sales pitch? Instead, create a relatable story 

Let’s face the truth. Bragging about your product or service isn’t going to get the deal through. Your video needs to capture the emotions of the target and then form an exciting video communication around it. The video can entertain, educate or improve the viewer – be it by a small percentage. 

Let’s help you with an example in the medical education space.  

Nuwiq wanted to highlight their hemophilia R&D and how it is improving treatment for patients. To be able to communicate R&D, we couldn’t dive in and speak about R&D. First, we needed to simplify a complex subject such as how Factor VIII works in the bloodstream and its interaction with proteins. To achieve this, we crafted a relatable story instead.  You can watch it here. 

  • Capture attention – as they hit play

By now you know that the person on the other side isn’t giving you 100% of his attention. It’s your job to snatch it and make sure they watch at least 80% of your video. 

Devise a hook in the opening shot. This hook can be a relatable question that makes them say ‘yes’ in their mind. 


Do you want to secure the future of your kids?

Do you want to move faster? 

Do you want to enjoy freedom?

Once a person has said ‘yes’ subconsciously, he/she is more convinced to stay with you through the rest of the video duration. 

Another technique to capture attention is the problem-solution format. Voice the problem at the start of the video and present the solution (your offering) in the latter part of the video. Read some of our other tested techniques to make your video stand out from the crowd. 

45% of people are watching more than an hour of videos on Facebook or YouTube per week. Due to this sort of demand, there is an influx of content streaming on our devices. Given the low attention spans of audiences, it is a no-brainer that your content needs to be captivating. Video editing might seem a lesser-important area to focus on. But, video editing can influence video marketing and reach too. Right from interesting styles to peppy cuts, choosing the right video editing treatment can enhance communication.

Here are some fascinating video editing tricks for your next corporate video. 

  •  Choose your consumer hotspot wisely

The ‘place’ to place a video is quite lucrative compared to banners/ textually heaped ads. 

Essentially, consumers whose purchasing decisions can be influenced via video can be found at a particular place on the web – landing pages, music apps, famous gaming portals, shows, etc. Let’s refer to these as ‘consumer hotspots’. Understand your audience and brand voice. Then, explore which of these hotspots are best for publishing & promotion. 

And you must know that videos keep the consumers on a particular website for longer. This can lead to higher engagement and conversions. So, add one to yours. 

  • Keep your video SEO-friendly 

An impactful video can make or break a campaign. That’s true.

But, it’s important to understand the back-end dynamics. SEO sees video as high-quality content. Using a video for the brand’s content (say on the website/ link in a text message/ social media) can help boost SEO. 

But let’s not forget that the video’s storyline and video production does matter. 

And lastly, don’t leave out a strong metadata description, catchy titles and best-performing keywords.

Find out how your business can communicate with business prospects and customers through the power of video production. Drop a line to Twisted Frame today.