Its unfortunate that a lot of marketers, video production companies in Toronto as well as video editors themselves miss out on the power of efficient and catchy video editing. Video editing is often seen as an invisible step or merely joining of clips as per the script. However, Twisted Frame is here to unveil the tricks of efficient video editing. Shorter attention spans of audiences are a big problem and smart video editing can make your video extremely enjoyable.

An equally important problem faced by video editors is not being able to edit videos fast enough. In todays digital era, real-time releases and uploads of videos have become so important that there is no room for delays. In times when a lot of brands are avoiding live-shooting and getting videos made in a remote style, one needs to edit faster to be able to begin work on motion graphics and animation. A delay in uploading your next Christmas video can entirely put all team efforts down the drain. 

Lets see practices that can fasten this understandably time-extensive process called video editing

#1 Start investing in assets: custom presets

This comes from personal experience. We have taken unimaginable amount of time and creativity to develop some phenomenal colour grading presets. Saving these forever is a good idea. 

You need to think like a business person when creating presets. What is the Return on Investment? 

When you save an excellent preset, you need not manually colour grade every single time. As a result, you go onto save weeks of work.

#2 Keep your timelines organised AF 

Searching through files, folders and timelines occurs a lot even during small video projects. Each change from the client invites new timeline creations. 

This will be surprising but only getting organised with timelines can help save crazy amount of time: almost equivalent to the time taken to edit a promo video! 

How to get organised with timelines?

Make a pancake timeline by having more timelines! 

Trust us even if it sounds tedious. It will go onto to become a fluid process. Each timeline begins to stack up upon the other, forming a pancake.

For instance: all b-rolls go onto one timeline while all interview bytes go the other timeline. Each client draft is a separate timeline. Similarly, there is a timeline for music, and another for sound FX. Place that cherry on each, that is, labelling each. 

Heres an earlier blogpost Top Ways to Edit Videos in an Uber Organised Way! sharing how to save time only with regard to organisation. 

#3 What’s the hoo-ha with keyboard shortcuts?

You must have heard (or even used) keyboard shortcuts. But, you must be wondering, how does it really matter? Just saved a second here and there! 

When it comes to video editing, always remember that each second counts. All seconds go onto add in the upcoming projects. Ask any renowned video editor and he/ she will second this. 

Initially using keyboard shortcuts can seem like a drag, but overtime it becomes a natural extension of your body. 

Here are few of the cheat sheets for keyword shortcuts Avid, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier Pro

Once youve gotten a hang of using keyboard shortcuts, you will truly realise the time-saving benefits. You can go onto explore customized editing keyboards these display the shortcuts on different keys. 

#4 Have you done your RAM allocation in NLE?

I already got 32GB of RAM.’

Were certain this thought crossed your mind.

Now simply because you have all this RAM, it doesnt mean youre using it. You need to allocate it. The truth is that most non-linear editing systems process only a few gigabytes at a given time (this is by default). 

You need to work it up in the system preferences. Many video editors or even video production companies tend to miss out on doing this. One simple function of adjusting the RAM can increase the processing speed massively. 

Well like to share a personal study carried around a year ago. We were editing a medical video. We edited it once with the default setting, and once with the adjusted RAM setting. We saved around 40 minutes of processing speed time in the second scenario. Now imagine, the time saved per project. 

#5 Combining vocal + text to narrate solutions

Remember to keep the presets of the text saved in your suite! 

The establishing scene will decide if the audience will watch the next scene or simply move onto read the next email or post. 

Talking about B2C, there is a certain non-receptive mentality with regard to marketing based content in their inbox/feed. Marketing inclined videos can be side-lined by customers, but not if they solve their problems

Pick a vocal + text establishing scene – a scene that speaks directly about the problem in hand. You can use impactful text too to actually write the problem question Confused with all the complex health insurance plans? ‘Want to progress your art in today’s times?’ ‘Learn to sell your ideas through online means’ ‘Tired of doing the dishes?’

Heres how we did it for Akumin

Then guide them through the rest of the video of how your brand addresses/ solves their problem. 
At Twisted Frame, weve an experienced pool of video editors who excel in a myriad of video edit styles. The narrative can change its value with the power of edit. Do you want to engage customers through video-marketing and kick-start business? Lets have a chat as to how your business can leverage from the different video types through our Toronto video editing, production and motion graphic services.