5 editing tips that can work wonders for video marketing

By July 24, 2020July 31st, 2020video editing
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 ‘Video Editing 101 to edit videos that hold marketing reach and value.’


Have you ever thought as to what exactly is the power of a short video on LinkedIn or in your emailer? Realise that this short video goes a long video in either making the deal or breaking it. 

This video is the front for your product and service. Its almost like a movie trailer. Your pool of existing and potential consumers or clients will decide if they wish to opt in or not by viewing this short video. This is your gateway to larger business avenues. 

Crunching key points in a shorter timeline is picked as the customary approach by most sadly. No wonder, they dont manage to address the marketing objective as aimed. Often, the power of editing is overlooked and understated. 

Lets find out 5 editing tips that can generate immense value for short marketing videos. 

  1. Use a vocal establishing scene that depicts resolution/ addressing of problem

The establishing scene will decide if the audience will watch the next scene or simply move onto read the next email or post. 

Talking about B2C, there is a certain non-receptive mentality with regard to marketing based content in their inbox/feed. Marketing inclined videos can be side-lined by customers, but not if they solve their problems

Pick a vocal establishing scene – a scene that speaks directly about the problem in hand. You can use impactful text too to actually write the problem question Confused with all the complex health insurance plans?’ ‘Want to progress your art in today’s times?’ ‘Learn to sell your ideas through online means’ ‘Tired of doing the dishes?’

Then guide them through the rest of the video of how your brand addresses/ solves their problem. 

  1. The power of graphics to convey a lot in less

Graphics work incredibly when less is the brief. Want to convey a lot of data in less time? Want to convey a lot of information in a minimally less manner on screen so as to avoid making the screen look too confusing?

Graphics supplement your video in various ways. There are different types of animations available to communicate what you want to. Say, you want to break down a complex business process quickly; then whiteboard animation can seamlessly do that. In case the video is looking too flat, you may want to spike up the energy of the visuals and bring in excitement. You can opt to add funky motion graphics. 

  • Assess the role of music for your video content

Music can set the tone and energy level of the video. First, assess as to what is the product being sold: is it your digital agencys services? Or a home renovation contracting service?

Study the energy of the brand across the past years. Ask as to what is the language used by the brand. Is it pumped, witty or professional? Basis this, pick your music track to drive the narrative.

  1. Structure: standard cut or layered?

Not always people enjoy the same monotony: start-middle-end. Assess if your brand is willing to break monotony and expected predictions of audiences by playing around with the structure. 

Since shorter videos act almost like movie trailers. They need to keep viewers hooked

One may think that there is little scope to play with the structure in shorter videos, but this isnt the case. Instead of beginning with the problem statement, you can start with a scene depicting results gained through the product/service.

Do write an outline if youre experimenting with a layered style. 

  • End with a hook to keep viewers hooked

Always keep them wanting more. Approach the climax of your video with a scene that pushes viewers to sign up and learn more about your product. A scene that can serve a catalyst towards higher business conversions. An impactful short marketing video can truly be the gateway to open up your business to the world. 

At Twisted Frame, weve an experienced pool of video editors who excel in a myriad of video edit styles. The narrative can change its value with the power of edit. Do you want to engage customers through video marketing and kick-start business? Lets have a chat as to how your business can leverage from the different video types through our Toronto video editing, production and motion graphic services. Reach out for a free chat at (416) 619-1116.