Video Strategy 1: Undo the 2020 video marketing rulebook

With people taking the jab, things might start seeming hopeful. Needless to mention, precautions are here to stay.  

However, if you dig deep, you can notice a slight change in consumer behaviour. We were speaking to a few clients & friends. The fear in the mind is decreasing – by the day. As a lot of businesses have shifted online, online traffic is ever-increasing. 


Digital advertising through video is proving to be quick, effective and attention-gripping. Studies have indicated that two in three advertisers will shift money away from their TV budget to fund their digital video advertising. 

Being more than a decade in the business of interactive video production, 2D/3D animation and motion graphics in Toronto, we will like to share the 5 ‘time-relevant’ digital video marketing strategies. The first video strategy being: undo the 2020 video marketing rulebook. 

Video Strategy #2: Keep it quick-er 

Yes, you may have heard that it’s more effective to go for a short-duration video.

2021 is about making it short’er’. 

Today, consumers are more crunched for time than ever before. Home chores, work duties, kids’ lessons at home and more tasks are adorning everyone’s to-do platter. With the quick rise of 15-30 seconds reels on Instagram and growing fondness for short Tik Tok videos; video content of short’er’ duration is striking better with audiences. 

In our recent video production projects, we kept it short for Excelitas Technologies

Video Strategy #3: Okay to ‘voice’ pricing 

Customers are still hesitant to depart from their hard-earned savings during an ongoing pandemic. They rather reserve it towards essentials and anything that can bring them value and secure their present-day or future. It can be a jar of candy that can reverse their low mood from feeling claustrophobic on some nights, or personal life insurance to stand as security for their loved ones. 

Brands shy away from mentioning their product prices in videos. It’s okay to do so now (either via a voiceover or graphic slate) because it matters to the consumer. If your prices aren’t fixed like F&B products, you can mention starting price points. ‘Starting at 50 CAD’

In fact, if you’re a market player who has competitive price offers, then you can flaunt it. 

Video strategy #4: Say real stories. Takedown those advertising filters and gimmicks

When we made a video for Trissa, we captured stories of real, powerful women with weight struggles. Just by sharing their stories with the world, they found the confidence to believe in themselves once again. In addition, all the other people behind their screen facing a similar struggle formed an instant connection with these ladies. 

Study the daily struggles being faced by your target audience and talk about them in your videos. It can be managing mental health. Or, how are parents managing a work-from-home etiquette while managing kids. Or, something as minuscule as how to manage your day with all the sanitisation activities – cleaning doorknobs, keys, phones, etc. 

Assess how your brand can address any of these struggles and more. Tell your audiences what your company can offer to them and how can it help with their struggles. 

Video strategy #5: Video-viewing in cramped apartments. Go sound 

No, we’re not basing this strategy on the research findings that as much as 85% of video views on Facebook happen with the sound off. We told you- need to undo the earlier video marketing rulebook. 

A great portion of the world has to live day in and out within a few tiles along with parents, kids, spouses or grandparents around. A lot of people are stuck in someone else’s home and cannot travel back to their home. Sound and noises can disturb the already interrupted private spaces of family members. If your consumer can watch a video, without the need for sound (plug in subtitles) then you’ve very well boosted the content’s effectiveness.

Go ‘TECH’ with your video.

Text-play. Text is as important as the cast/characters in the story. Opt for sub-titles or highlight key points through text. 

Enticing visuals. 

Call-To-Action. Ask people to subscribe/share/check out other earlier content. 

Headings. Keep the captions clear to read, impactful and vibrant.

Use ‘TECH’ to convey your story clearly and in an appealing manner. In case the consumer turns the sound on, the video can treat them to a relevant music track or catchy jingle. Bonus!

At Twisted frame, weve proud to say that we’ve seen video production across times: pre-pandemic, during pandemic (yes, we were still crafting videos during the lockdown with remote animation & motion graphics), vaccine-era. Our video production strategies are continuously adapting to the new voice of consumers. 

Lets have a chat as to how your business can relevantly communicate with your target audience through our Toronto video production and motion graphic services – in the vaccine era. Reach out for a free chat at [phone number].

Also, hope you managed to take the jab. Stay healthy & stay safe!