You probably wouldnt be reading this blog or that whatsapp message from your partner, if the spirituous power of telecommunication hadnt been established. 

Dont be surprised that there is actually a day in May World Telecommunication Day to raise awareness on the importance of communication in our lives, celebrate its limitless possibilities and bridge digital divides. We all will agree that we couldnt be more blessed to stay connected during a pandemic. 

The power of telecommunication goes beyond bounds now than ever before, and video production is further leveraging telecommunication in phenomenal ways for information to travel across the globe. 

Today, lets check out the top 5 ways in which video production is stimulating the development of technologies. 

  • Leveraging the positive use of Artificial Intelligence & VR

Artificial Intelligence based technologies are rising as a pathbreaking component of applications being used across fields to help people lead better lives by improving healthcare, education, finance, agriculture, transportation and several other segments. Talking about healthcare, in fact in one of our videos Ask the Doctor, we had depicted as to how the future of healthcare is all about bridging accessibility gaps. VR technology opens doors for global access to medical consultation. Anyone, anytime, anywhere: consultation is accessible. 

AI is undoubtedly proving enormous advances and possibilities in an era where physical accessibility is restricted. Thereafter contributing to other ecosystems and bringing in opportunities for computing power, storage capacity, cloud computing and big data. 

In current scenarios, the approach to filmmaking has definitely been leaning more on the post production pool. Footage is being created in the post production front through motion graphics and 2D/ 3D animation. 

While manoeuvring with hard disks across studios was absolutely feasible until three months ago; this segment too is resorting to the savviest telecommunication mediums. Transferring files between individual computers has levelled up since a month: high frequency computer networks are making it possible to transfer data between computers without having to use physical media. File sharing via peripheral devices, network topology, tele infrastructure for data security to prevent leaks, boosting internet connections above the echelons, improving storage capacities while addressing cost efficiency are on the development cards for a lot many corporate video production studios in Toronto. 

  • Shooting with Videotelephony

Overcoming mobility issues by being tele-present! As filmmakers and actors are arriving on the floor by hitting join meeting, video conferencing to direct remotely has already been applied now. Brands have leveraged this for their new ad campaigns during the ongoing COVID-period. Ofcourse this lacks a lot of control such as who moves the props? Or the lights?

A revolutionising thought brewing at Twisted Frame explores the technology which invites robotics into video such as moving around the room to guage it, or physically manipulating objects. 

Akin to Telehealth which can include doctors discussing a case over Zoom and going beyond:  a robotic surgery executed through remote means, therapy via digital instruments and application combinations; the same blueprints can be tested into video production environments. 

And not to miss, 

  1. Video communications equipment suppliers

In fact, today morning, I received an email from a camera vendor asking opinions for a certain rig structure which can assist in remote shooting. 

Telecommunication is playing a crucial role in the network of video equipment suppliers probably more than ever before. Edgar Shane of JVC Professional Video showcases how the ConnectedCAM series of camcorders allows for remote production over the Internet (IP). Or, the 1″ CMOS handheld and 2/3″ 3xCMOS shoulder/studio camcorders including the GY-HC500SPC camera; which is equipped with the streaming encoder to send video over the Internet and decoder to receive Return Video and IFB over the very same connection. 

Telecommunications has definitely made life easier and fuller for all of us. And yet, a lot of its power stays untapped. Just a matter of time. Wed love to hear from you if you’ve introduced new ways to leverage telecommunication for your business in the wake of COVID-19. 

At Twisted Frame Toronto, we’ve constantly been implementing and adapting to the new video technology. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to have a chat to understand how your business can tap the new video production technology to communicate with your audiences.