4 video production techniques in Toronto that all marketers need to know.

By September 14, 2020Video Production
video production techniques in Toronto

Proven video-production techniques that work for the long-term. 

Growing technology has brought in limitless opportunities for marketers to create, curate and publish video content in Toronto. 90% of the marketers in the online world are using video content to make sales. However, with limitless opportunities comes heightened competition. Video content is being generated and uploaded every minute by multiple players. Creativity has taken a different shape in today’s digital video marketing.

Individual, brands as well as channels are using unique video production techniques to come into the spotlight. #401OnDaWay must have showed up on your feed. Recently, Toronto recording artist and rapper Top5 halted live traffic in the middle of Highway 401 to get some shots for his rap music video. He posted a video onto his Instagram to let his fans know of his stunt. This is a fair instance of a short-lived video production and marketing strategy that can catch short-term attention onto social media. 

However, in the larger and long-term scheme of things; there are certain production techniques that stay and cut through the mass of video content. Let’s find out all about 4 video production techniques in Toronto that all marketers need to know. 

  • Research best outdoor shoot locations in Toronto

With Top5’s latest video shoot on the busy Highway 401, outdoor locations in Toronto are quite exemplary. Guerrilla and outdoor shoots depend a lot on the aesthetics of the surrounding. There are several such finds in Toronto which rank high being shoot-friendly. 

Toronto shoot locations that rank high on structural/architectural prowess-

  • Distillery district offers a rustic yet chic vibe.
  • Hart House offers great detail through its ceilings and wood panelled rooms.
  • University of Toronto is a show stealer with its climbing vines on the building exterior.
  • Graffiti Valley speaks for itself through its boho-chic and colourful alleys.

Toronto locations that receive suffice amount of natural lighting for the camera to capture- 

  • Allan Gardens and its glass ceiling helps receive soft lighting.
  • Polson pier offers a beautiful skyline. Right from sunset to dusk, you can catch alluring soft light. 


  • Lighting: the deal breaker for all videos

Clicked your mum’s cake in dim lighting vs bright lighting! Seen the difference, right? 

Whether you are shooting an ad, TV show, or even a home video – lighting influences the aesthetics majorly. 

Make sure to keep lighting on high priority. Ofcourse, if you’re putting up a set; then through modern cameras and an experienced light team, you can get the best results. However, if you’ve a guerrilla or outdoor shoot planned wherein natural lighting is the recommended pick; then ensure the below points:

  • Aim to direct the light to subject instead of the backdrop.
  • While Toronto looks scenic at any time, there are a few hours with alluring lighting that are best to capture shots. That moment after sunrise or before sunset is the magic hour. You can catch the sky in a pinkish-blue tone with sparks or chunks of bright orange running through it. 
  • Using typography for the players who play on mute

It is estimated that 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. To ensure that the message isn’t missed by the ones playing on mute – kinetic typographical video styles do come in. 

There’s another huge advantage that works on psychology of the mind. Businesses require customers not just to hear them, but register what they’re hearing. The mind can retain more when it ‘hears’ and ‘reads’ the same thing.  

To catalyse this mind psychology, kinetic typography is a highly impactful video style for businesses. Herein, the text is your actor with a personality that leavers views engaged. The text becomes the character which plays out the script in the form of illustrations. If a voiceover complements it by reading out the script, it can further reinforce the idea. Check out more ideas and tricks for best corporate animation styles for business videos

  1. Evoke drama through ‘Sync Tempo Decompression’ 

While filming fiction, there is a director giving constructive directions to evoke drama. However, if we observe non-fiction narratives or documentaries, there is little scope to generate drama while filming. High impactful moments definitely exist (say, how a village addressed their water problem or how a man tutored 21 kids for engineering coaching – free of cost) but these can be lost if not conveyed with apt editing. 

If placed at their original tempo in the timeline, their intensity and the impact that the documentary can create can be lost. With sync temp, one can artificially add time and space. 

Add shots that can be in sync to a voiceover. Say, while the man speaks about his struggle to find funding to set up a school in the village; show shots that can best depict that. While this happened in the past and there is no way to recreate, place mood shots of the man showing him pensive or working hard. 

The voiceover too should enhance each word. Build up onto the line which finally reveals the solution statement. Excellent editing can always make a world of difference to the narrative, bringing in the correct amount of drama. Here are 5 Video Editing Tricks to Add Drama in your Video.


At Twisted Frame, it’s been quite a fascinating journey to create, amend and devise production techniques that can sustain in the long run. We’d love to incorporate these in our business-driven video solutions for you. Let’s explore as to how you can communicate with your target audience and drive business with our Toronto based solution-oriented video production and motion graphic services. 

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