As you read this, hundreds of marketers across Toronto are brainstorming on the next best video marketing strategy for a company. It’s no surprise how important video has become – right from engaging audiences, creating awareness, improving SEO and helping sales. Speaking to friends & industry experts, we’ve observed that many of them are facing the same video marketing challenges. 

Let’s see the most frequent video challenges and how to solve them.

  1. Not managing to get the attention of the customer

In the heap of videos, it’s easy for your video to get lost. This is because most videos are simply ‘selling’ to customers. 

Marketers need not ‘sell’ to their consumers anymore. It’s about how to get the consumer to pick your product out of the kaleidoscopic ocean of choices. For this to happen, consumers need to ‘understand’ your product in an engaging, receptive or entertaining manner. 

Include the three thematic objectives to help consumers understand a product. 

  1. Relate the product to their challenges. For example, let’s talk about a private transport service. It’s hard to find public transport in certain localities, and that’s where your safe private transport service can come to the rescue. 
  2. Create a need. For example, if you’re selling a speaker. Focus on all the daily situations wherein a speaker can support the consumer. Perking up their mood in the office, bringing their party to life and more. 
  3. Present an offer that is hard to say NO to
  4. Not being able to communicate complex content. Explainer videos to the rescue

Several healthcare brands face this. 74% of people said that if they could see the product in action through an explainer video, they will purchase it. (Wyzowl) Explainer videos help break down complex matter into a simple & straightforward manner. 

  1. Too many costs to look into. Play on value

Times can be trying, and, understandably, not all businesses will be prepared to right away invest in high-end video technology. How would a small furniture business, foundation repair company or local retailer of musical instruments amongst many other smaller businesses leverage video? 

Get the video to speak unique value. 

In the case of a local retailer of musical instruments, it can be a campaign structured to source musical talents across Toronto. Users do not only bring out the emotion of art by showcasing their indoor musical performances but can share the know-how of instruments: such as, how different types of guitars in the market can bring unique values to the art of music. Corporate video production takes the voice of educational value here.

  1. Forgetting SEO 

An impactful story can make or break a campaign. That’s true.

But, it’s important to understand the back-end dynamics. Using a video for the brand’s various content (say on the website/ link in the text message/ social media) can help boost SEO. SEO sees it as high-quality content.

The video’s storyline and video production does matter. But don’t leave out a strong metadata description, catchy titles and add in all the possibly used keywords.

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