In order to have an effective corporate video marketing strategy you need to plan for all the different styles and types of promo videos. These can include intro promos like company overviews or testimonials from clients, how-to tutorials with step by steps on your products/services, explainer animations that break down complicated ideas into simple ones so everyone understands them easily etc.

Businesses should not stop creating videos after only their first one. Wyzowl’s 2021 report on The State of Video Marketing found that corporate video helps with the core digital marketing objectives like increasing website traffic, converting leads and bringing a high ROI. Hence, businesses need to keep up as 86% already use videos for ongoing marketing purposes.

There are 4 key steps to follow when creating a corporate video marketing strategy. Step #1 is knowing your target audience and what they want out of videos. It’s important that you understand their needs before the production stage so there aren’t any surprises later on with people not finding value in it or being turned off by specific content choices. Another thing for step 1, figure out how long the piece should be because then you can plan accordingly during pre-production regarding location scouting, equipment rentals/purchases (if needed), etc…Step 2: write down all ideas from brainstorming sessions followed by outlining them – this helps keep everyone on track throughout each phase as well as keeping costs low.

STEP 1: Focus on your business objectives

A common phrase at our video production agency is “The first step to a successful corporate video is forgetting about the video.” It’s not all about what you see, but rather your business’ objectives.

So, your first step in creating a long-term corporate video marketing strategy is to outline and focus on the business objective you want to achieve with promotional content. Everything begins with an ultimate goal for each specific company’s needs.

The marketing team wants to increase brand awareness. The support team needs resources and tools for the upcoming year. Maybe a product launch is needed or maybe a special case study would be helpful to share with others in your industry?

A corporate video marketing strategy will vary depending on your core business objectives. It is important to keep these in mind before creating any videos, so that you do not jump into production without a clear direction of what the end result should be like.

STEP 2: Evaluate executional concepts based on budgetary parameters

In step two, the ideas might not be executable within your budget parameters. You have to evaluate them as per your financial constraints.

It’s important to note that no matter if you make videos in-house or with a video production agency, there will be time and effort spent. While the “simpler” promotional video projects such as subject expert interviews and customer testimonial videos may take less investment initially, due diligence should still be taken before determining which option is best for your company.

Every promotional video project should be different. As a result, each one will need more or less time and money to plan, shoot, and edit.

Come up with a list of topics for your corporate video marketing strategy. Decide how you will budget to create the videos and if they are worth it based on potential revenue or return on investment (ROI).

STEP 3: Lock-down content alignment

To build your video marketing strategy, you should ensure that the messaging of each project matches up with its business communication goals. This is because every promotional video will have a different message – for example, one could be customer testimonial videos while another would be an animated explainer about product benefits.

To get a better idea of what you might say, start planning the production by thinking about talking to someone. What would you talk about and answer questions if discussing with another person? Keep your communication objectives in mind as well for this practice run.

The most overlooked part of corporate video production is the power and importance of messaging. When a viewer watches your videos, they are tuning in to look for something specific about you or what you do – just like when people read articles online it’s not usually because they’re looking for random information but rather have an interest on one topic that brings them there. If someone wants more info regarding how important messaging is with promotional videos check out this blog post titled The Most Overlooked Part Of Corporate Video Production . This applies both if you plan on doing video yourself or through working with a professional agency so don’t forget!

STEP 4: Plan and execute logistics for your corporate video marketing

When it comes to your business’ video production, the next step is pre-production. This process will allow you to lock down all of the messaging and scheduling so that everything can run smoothly during filming days!

When working with a video production agency or on your own, make sure you block out enough time to prepare for the shoot and edit. Though it might seem quick at first glance, recording footage can take over an hour as well as editing afterwards.

Now that you have your promotional video ready to go, it’s time for step two of the corporate video marketing strategy – start using it!

Create a Detailed Corporate Video Marketing Strategy

To create an effective video marketing strategy, it never begins and ends at the first promotional corporate video. And regardless of hiring a corporate production company or doing in-house, you must constantly plan and integrate into your sales channels.

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