• Video production.
  • Marketing.

If these driving forces were people, I would say video production has become the right hand of marketing – especially during this pandemic. Be it video production, video editing, corporate animation or motion graphics– it’s all being aligned to meet marketing objectives of companies in Toronto. 

A video can boost brand recall, drive a sale, explain a new pharmaceutical product and much more. However, the truth is that aligning the video message with the brand objective isn’t enough. There are some crucial video strategies that are being easily missed by marketers. 

With our years of experience with multiple clients across changing times, we’re here to share all money-murdering video strategy misses right from the headquarters of Twisted Frame. Here’s your chance to negate any of the below misses from your next video-led marketing campaign.

  • Are you guilty of showcasing amazing features of your brand?

It’s never about how great your brand is. People just care to know what’s in it for them. 

Going all gaga with how amazing your brand is –  someone most are guilt of. Right from presenting features, statistical figures, company’s journey of excellence – we all have seen such videos. But consumers ask whats in it for me?

You need to tell them:

What can the features do for them? 

What can your achievement mean for them?

Make sure that your video messaging meets the needs of the consumers. It brings real value to them (as an individual or for their family and friends).

  • Are you still keeping your video long? Please don’t.

When it comes to corporate videos, product demos, explainers and how-to videos; businesses love to say it all! 

That’s where you’re going wrong. Saying it all not only increases the duration of the video, but confuses audiences. 

The truth is that it’s not only about the ever-dropping attention span of audiences. It’s also about confusing people with multiple call-to-actions that naturally appear in longer videos. What are people supposed to finally do? Are they supposed to buy the product, share the video or simply forget about it?

So, if you’re going ahead with a live-action video, corporate animation video or motion graphic video; keep the video below 2 minutes and plug in ONE call-to-action

Here’s a simple-to-understand explainer video made by us for Batch Pro Connect. 

Right from explaining the challenges faced by consumers, offering the solution and one simple call-to-action; it seamlessly explains everything about the app.  The USP as functionality is engagingly narrated in less than 2 minutes. 

  • Great video story. But where’s the call-to-action?

This is another extreme which is committed 75% of the time. Video production companies write an amazing narrative – full of believable emotions. Everyone loves it. It might also bring tears to the marketer’s eyes. But the CTA is forgotten.

While none of us like to break the narrative flow and make it a hard sell, use the end slate to convey your objective. Placing in a CTA such as contact to know more, sign-up to get started, buy, download, subscribe or something that can drive the audience in their journey to convert in the long term.

  • Are you missing out on the experiential video factor? 

Your customers aren’t able to experience your product in this pandemic. 

There is clearly a gap being faced by businesses to reach their consumers. Make your video more experiential – especially for products priced in the premium category. For instance, high-end clothing. If one cannot head to the store, you can add videos to your online store. Providing them with written matter to only read measurements and a few shirt images clicked from various angles for the amount quoted; isn’t justified anymore. Wouldn’t it be cool (and effective) if one could see that high-end shirt on models of all sizes to aid their purchasing decision?

In the case of automobiles, VR is being combined with technology to drive sales. Consumers can take a world-class virtual experiential tour of the car right from choosing its seat colours (and seeing their colour option on an e-modelled car on screen), to test driving it on multiple terrains.

For the ones who cannot spend on VR as yet, motion graphics and animation are working wonders to add in the much-required e experiential boost. Medical animation and healthcare videos are leveraging the power of animation to deliver educative experiences to students and the healthcare community. 

At Twisted Frame, we’re all about helping you make a video that can bring conversions for your business. Our video production, video editing, motion graphic and animation services complemented with a business approach have made it happen for clients across industries.