If played smartly, video content comes with a big return on investment. You can make certain tweaks to keep it on the shelf and relevant to your audience – even when digital trends are ever-changing. 

Once you have your corporate video ready, it can be repurposed and used for a longer duration. It’s true. Now, you may ask how can the corporate video (one that was made a few years ago) be adaptable to the fast-paced digital landscape. 

This era is riding the ‘digital bull’. Most Toronto businesses have boarded the ‘online’ train. Marketing campaigns are profusely running on social media channels. New landing pages are landing by the minute. Each in an attempt to increase organic traffic and convert leads. 

So, how exactly does one ensure that the video drives the viewer towards ‘conversion’? How can the video prompt the prospective customer to take action? Be it, subscribing or following your page, visiting a subsequent page, filling out a form by leaving personal details or making a purchase. 

Read on to know how to update & repurpose your corporate video (that was made a while ago). A few minor tweaks, done smartly, are all that you need. 

  • Play with the Call-To-Action

Book now. Register Now. Follow for more. Contact us. Check out our works. 

Many corporate videos have an end tagline/messaging that is flexible. You can tweak the Call-To-Action (CTA) to captivate different types of consumers. Thus, improving lead generation & conversion chances. 

CTAs can be plugged in between the video too. Unlike reading material, one need not watch the video (till the end) to arrive at the CTA. The video can have a clever mid-pause, inviting the viewer to take action. All you need to do is smartly insert 1-2 shots in between the existing video. 

  • Change the opening hook 

Nowadays, a viewer’s attention span is of a few short seconds. If you cannot attract them at that moment, they are a goner. According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, 8.5 seconds is the average attention span. 

Based on the current trends and consumer relevancy, you can edit the opening shot. For instance, if your current video starts with text. See if you can tweak the text to meet today’s customer needs. 

If your current video starts with a boring visual, see if you can replace it with a tempting one! 

FYI: Thumbnails can grab viewers’ attention in a jiffy. It is the first point of interest for anyone looking through your campaign click. Make sure it is not blurry or motion-filled. A perfectly unique thumbnail holds your corporate message creatively and intriguingly. 

  1. Introduce keywords (as text) into your video 

Text-based videos help keep the eyes on the video and read every word carefully to string the message you are conveying. 

So, if your current video is visual-based, then great! A contrasting visual behind the text can help concentrate on the description. You can add the keywords as text to the current video.

And for the ones into e-commerce, text-up your offers!

There’s no doubt that a segment of the population is ‘offer-conscious’. A certain hormone surge is experienced when they hear of a sale or promotion. 

While ‘text’ is catchy and quite a popping message in itself, here’s something more that it does. It tickles the ‘third sense’. 

What’s that? 

While watching a video, a person is of course ‘seeing’ and ‘hearing’. Two senses are completely in action. Text gives rise to the third sense of ‘absorbing’. A text line of ‘up to 50% off’ re-emphasises what the visual and audio are already saying, and helps store the idea in memory for a longer duration. 

You can use your earlier videos and text them up! 

If you are ready to repurpose your brand’s corporate, Toronto video production houses like Twisted Frame can help you out! Unmatched quality motion graphics and video editing services can help you paint an unforgettable brand identity. So, reach out today!