3 Ways How Media Agencies are ‘Thinking New’ in Toronto’s New Era

By September 21, 2020Video Production
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Life in the pandemic has taken an unexpected turn. Who wouldnt know this? Toronto artist Sheila Carson captured this in a series of evocative cartons showcasing the change in daily routines in the pandemic life. Consumer behaviours has changed drastically-grocery hoarding, revised priorities, restructured ways to consume information and new worries. 

In this light, brands too have a fairly less time to adapt to the new behaviours of their consumers. Media agencies have been chalking adaptive ways to suit new behaviours. Right from using video production to make a visual sale, accelerating artificial intelligence (AI), leveraging technology to make a purchase; all have been trying to stay relevant. 

Lets find out how media agencies are thinking new in Torontos new era.

#1 Whats the value? Telling brand stories from a value-perspective.

You must have heard how the back-to-school ads sound this time. They centre on information, guidelines, additional school nurses and physical distancing measures. All aimed to elicit value.

The essence to stay relevant to todays consumer requires the below two elements in heaps:

  • Value depiction 
  • Creativity

Media agencies are being hired to show a brands value in todays time. Right from journalism to advertising, there has been a new approach to telling stories. Its no more a fragrant soap that were talking about. Can the soap make you feel cleaner and hygienic? Its no more a pillow were talking about. Can the pillow support your back in a work-from-home space?

#2 Media agencies out to clear doubts through how-to-videos

Several brands are using video to boost lead generation and conversion action.

How-to videos are offering the unique value of self-reliance’ and dropping doubts. 

How do skip calling a technician and install that water filter by yourself? How to you answer your clients queries on the recent software update? How to you help your patient sign-up for a tele consultation? Where is the moratorium section on the updated bank page? 

The simple truth is that a video helps you explain it all. Explainer videos are aimed to communicate the problem-to-solution journey. Once doubts are clarified, it helps customers form trust and loyalty with the brand, encouraging lead generation.

At Twisted Frame, weve been making several how-to videos to explain complex concepts in a simple, fun and straightforward manner

#3 Leveraging Artificial Intelligence & VR 

Successful remote operations are being executed with the help of AI and VR technology. NBA League Pass and NextVR had already announced their e-pad collaboration wherein live basketball can be watched in a thrilling virtual environment. 

Cerebras Systems, the pioneer in accelerating artificial intelligence (AI) compute, established office in Toronto to drive AI technology.

Healthcare has also geared up to incorporate AI and VR to bridge accessibility gaps.

In our video Ask the Doctor, we depict as to how the future of healthcare is all about bridging these accessibility gaps. opens There is great potential global access to medical consultation through VR technology. Anyone, anytime, anywhere: consultation is accessible.  

At Twisted Frame, weve been constantly originating, devising, testing and exploring in the new times. Its been a joy to work on different types of business-solution oriented videos for our clients. We aim to ensure that the tone in each of our videos is timeless and sustainable in the long run. Lets explore as to how you can communicate with your target audience and drive business with our Toronto based agency.

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