3 Video Editing Tips To Boost Marketing

By August 3, 2020video editing
Video Editing Tips

Find out quick editing tips to give a marketing edge to your video.


Editing hasn’t ever been about piecing footage together. It’s about speaking to the viewer through a seamless unity of views expressed in clips, brand objectives, colours and music. 

Good editing does help the brand gain an edge. A well-edited video can go a long way to communicate brand messages to their target audiences. How you may ask? 

Every transition can connect or disconnect with the viewer in unimaginable ways. There are a lot of powers vested in editing techniques which can change the course and impact of the narrative. 

Let’s find out some of these editing tips which house great power to give a push to marketing


  • Power of slow-motion to establish reliability 

What’s one of the main emotions to elicit towards a finance brand/ financial institution?

Reliability and trust.

If you notice the editing style in most videos by finance brands – most may come across formal and easily legible. Fonts stay safe and easy-to-read. But what about pace of clips?

Overall, the pace of the video stays slow. The idea is not to rush up the narrative or interview between a finance expert and layman. Slower paces subtly convey that as a brand, you’re attempting to make things as clear and transparent without hushing/ covering anything up.

Slow-motions help in:

  • Establishing reliability
  • Emphasising core-emotions. Instance, the moment of pursuit when a man buys his first home through the loan sanctioned by the brand. His expressions can be emphasised by pacing down the speed of that clip. This can of course apply to narratives for varied brands such as real-estate, food and beverage, retail clothing etc.


  • Power of text to tickle the third sense 

There’s no doubt that a segment of the population is ‘offer-conscious’. A certain hormone surge is experienced when they hear of a sale or promotion. 

While ‘text’ is catchy and quite a popping-message in itself, here’s something more that it does. It tickles the ‘third sense’. 

What’s that? 

While watching a video, a person is of course ‘seeing’ and ‘hearing’. Two senses are completely in action. Text gives rise to the third sense of ‘absorbing’. A text line of ‘upto 50% off’ re-emphasises what the visual and audio are already saying, and helps store the idea in memory for a longer duration. 

In our earlier blog, we shared a few must-have presets. One being to tickle this very ‘third sense’. Title plugins by Stupid Raisins offers plugins such a word pop-ups, callouts as well as a huge library of fun graphics to spice up your video. 


  • Power of tempo to drive emotions

Have you experienced the below emotions while watching a video?

The adrenalin surge while someone jumps off a cliff in a travel brand’s ad, or the relaxation-evoking thought while watching a family relaxing in a resort’s walkthrough video. 

You’ll know that speed and music work hand-in-hand. Experimenting with tempo is the game here. 

For instance, sudden transitions with speed in the same video are common for music or travel videos. Similarly, videos aimed to bring about an emotional connect which usually work on a toned-down and even tempo. For instance, Christmas reunion videos. 

While many may think that it’s mainly the job of the writer and campaign creator to slice up the brand brief and dive into their objectives. This understanding is equally important for editors. It’s absolutely crucial to understand what ultimately is the brand trying to communicate to its target audience to be able to cut a beautiful and impactful video. 

At Twisted Frame, we’ve an experienced pool of video editors who excel in a myriad of video edit styles. The narrative can change its value with the power of edit. Do you want to engage customers through video marketing and kick-start business? Let’s have a chat as to how your business can leverage from the different video types through our Toronto video editing, production and motion graphic services. Reach out for a free chat at (416) 619-1116