As a corporate video creator, your goal is to engage the audience. Professional videos are not everyone’s cup of tea. However, the right one can surely brew a storm in an industrial teacup. 

With the right tools, you might get noticed by potential partners, dream clients, and more people in the business. Be it a big brand or a small business trying to make it into the world, professional videos need the right tools to run smoothly. And if you are looking for the best corporate video production, Toronto-based editing houses can be right up your alley!

So today, let us check into top-secret tips to help work on successful corporate video production with a dashing personality:

A Hook, Thumbnail, and Seconds

Nowadays, a viewer’s attention span is of a few short seconds. If you cannot attract them at that moment, they are a goner. According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, 8.5 seconds is the average attention span. 

So, if you have a great idea, a tagline, and of course, the desired graphics, you aim to grasp viewers’ attention within the first 8 seconds. For that, you need two marketing ingredients, a clever hook and an attractive thumbnail that pauses scrolls.

Thumbnails can grab viewers’ attention in a jiffy. It is the first point of interest for anyone looking through your campaign click. Make sure it is not blurry or motion-filled. A perfectly unique thumbnail holds your corporate message creatively and intriguingly. 

A hook can be a visual hashtag or a contrasting tagline over the thumbnail. For example, if your name is Beno and you run a bakery gadget marketing channel, a tagline like “#BenoBakes” has a nice catchiness to it. Remember, an alliterative hashtag always works wonders. 

A Soundless Story Tells a Thousand Words

If you are making silent playback, do not forget to incorporate:

  • Subtitles
  • Attention-grabbing visuals
  • Understandable descriptions

Text-based videos help keep the eyes on the video and read every word carefully to string the message you are conveying. A contrasting visual behind the text can help concentrate on the description. For example, a darker background can help read lighter fonts. So, a brown moving visual for beige texts on screen can certainly keep the viewers reading every short text that the visual graphics created!

Call To Actions Work Wonders

CTA or Call to Action asks the viewers to do a small activity for your business if it interests them. For regular video production, you might CTA like:

  • Follow and Like 
  • Share This Video
  • Subscribe to Our Channel
  • Check Out Our Content
  • Leave Your Feedback in the comments!

However, for a corporate video to soar through, the CTAs have to be timely placed:

  • CTA in the Start: Add a CTA at the beginning of the video to rouse interest as to why a potential client should be attentive
  • CTA mid-roll: A CTA in the middle of the video works wonders as it is when the viewer is most attentive. 
  • CTA at the video’s end: A corporate video production should always add a CTA at the end 

The perfect call to actions (CTAs) in a corporate video can bring more clients and potential partners due to professional message editing!


The bottom line, corporate video editing has gone up a notch in 2021. And to raise its competition, be a 3-tricks pony that will soar over the Toronto Video Production trends in no time! If you are ready to turn your business ideas into vivid visuals that speak your brand’s language, contact Twisted Frame for the best digital services!