Insurance firm video marketing is one of the best ways to advertise your policy sales! According to experts, a customer is more likely to be receptive to a video ad than a newspaper or an in-person pitch. 

Hosting your insurance agency’s promo ads on social media is a sure-shot way of reaching more markets and potential policy-holders. So in what ways can your insurance firm’s video marketing ad? That is what we will tackle today!

The following tips are to help you create a video advertisement that will amplify what your insurance firm offers:

  1. Opt for an actor who grabs viewers’ attention

A good advertisement actor can turn into the face of your brand. Choosing the perfect actor whose facial features, body movements, and CTA intrigues your viewers is crucial. 

You can opt for a real-life actor, known for responsible, explainer-videos and has an ait of authority about them. These actors’ identities should perfectly fit your insurance ad.

The best way to find such actors would be to hold interviews through hiring agencies to find the perfect individual. Accepting an individual actor for your insurance firm can benefit you long-term!

Opting for animated actors also often seals the deal. If your advertisement pitch is successful, they might even become your firm’s mascot! 

2. Ensure your brand’s audibility

If your ad’s volume is too low, the chances of your viewers not understanding your product is very high. Get hold of high-quality microphones for a crystal-clear sound system, and suggest your actors have an audible and louder voice when marketing your policies. 

You can invest in wireless microphones to attach to actors’ shirts to best capture their voices. These also cut down on background noises and guarantee crystal clear advert marketing!

3. Brand your firm as a trustworthy insurance firm through consistency

Background music, brand colours, voices, and fonts are pivotal factors in brand advertisement. For example, if your insurance firm’s brand colours are blue, white, and red, make these the primary background shades in your advertising.

Ensure that the background music remains the same or improves with time while maintaining similar tunes so viewers would go, “aha! I know this jingle!”

Similarly, you can play around with the font, adding background glow and lighting but maintaining the same writing. These consistent yet creative marketing styles are best achieved through insurance firm video marketing agencies like Twisted Frame.

The takeaway here is that you can make the most of advertising for your insurance firms through these valuable tips. Video marketing is for every industry, so if you are an insurance agent looking to add more value to your policy pitch, check out Twisted Frame today!

Contact them for some great tips on insurance firm video marketing to stay one notch above your competitors.