Animation studios in Toronto are working as business catalysts. When talking of video production nowadays, animation is the preferred route. With USPs of remote-functioning, creative communication and effective delivery, animation is bringing great value to businesses. Brands are resorting to corporate animation to help with growth hacking in COVID

It’s not surprising to know that the market size of animation is estimated to rise from US$ 247 million in 2020 to US$ 272.1 million by 2026

Let’s see 3 ways in which animation studios are brining major value to bands in Toronto. 

#1 Simplicity of narrative for healthcare companies

Healthcare companies are onboarding patient engagement programs to empower patients to participate in their well-being. The complexity arises when patients need to be explained complex medical concepts, procedures and treatment plans in a remote fashion. This is where animated videos guide, teach and explain concepts in a simple manner. This also increases the chances of unique shares on digital mediums. After all, people love simple stuff. 

We were given the opportunity to break down a complex concept for Octapharma’s Nuwiq. We presented their haemophilia R&D and treatment approach in an engaging and simple manner.

Twisted Frame’s animation services have been leveraged by many healthcare brands to educate patients about medical products. 

#2 Education in an engaging manner

Here is a whopping statistic. Basis computations, the global market for 3D medical animation is scheduled to expand 514 million dollars by 2024. 

New ways to deliver education are being worked out in educational institutions. University of Toronto’s professors are using animation to deliver engineering lessons. 

Medical institutes are investing heavily animated videos to support their students’ medical education. Literature alone, in the absence of practicals, can fall short to communicate modules. 

Areas being addressed: 

  • Giving a deeper understanding of human anatomy (say, how tissues repair), 
  • Drug mechanism demonstration, 
  • How to go about incisions, root canals.

This technology is bringing great value until students wait to work on practicals. Studies have shown as to how such medical training videos enhance learning by better grades and higher interest in learning. 

The J and K Virtual Reality Centre at Western University of Health Sciences in California and at the University of Nebraska have already opted for imparting these video-inclined learning modes.

#3 Works for varied pocket sizes

Animation can fit several pocket sizes due to the number of animation styles available in the market – motion graphics, 2D, 3D, explainers, etc. 

Brands have yearly marketing budget allocations. Basic their allocation, they can work out the best type of animated video for their products. In addition, it is shown as to how animated videos can boost up conversions on the  landing page by 80%. 

Due to this flexibility delivered, it makes sense for brands to opt for animated videos. 

We’ve been producing umpteen umber of animated videos to drive business goals across industries of healthcare, automobile, beauty and music. We’d like to know if you’ve been having trouble communicating your product to your audiences in an engaging manner. We offer a host of video production services right from scripting video production, motion graphics and animation and video editing.


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