It certainly is a new dawn. Digital agencies are not only developing upon their existing strategies to turn more effective, but are also keeping the learning ongoing – at a pace like never before. It can seem appalling to even participate in this new world order with day-to-day changing scenarios, quickly changing technologies and shifting modalities to pull through the pandemic. However, its more about holding a willing attitude to learn daily. 

Some of the important lessons are learnt from trial and error. And for this very reason, we thought of saving up some time of our friends in Toronto and share gathered insights with regard to digital video marketing. 


  • “Focus on the message in your video, rather than the platform it will be published on.”


Over 500 million hours and counting of video are watched on YouTube every day. And yet, 64% of marketers see video as the most difficult content to create. Now heres a small chat to have with-your-thoughts. Introspect and review on the below lines.

You must have already spent years making campaigns and deciding which one platform to promote more than the other. Do we go 16:9 or 1:1? Do we allocate more for Instagram or Facebook sponsored posts? 

Think deeply. The overall learning has taken place on the engagement strategies front again and again. You must have masterd the platform-play by now. Kudos! 

But, think deeply again. Laser-focussing on platform is not even the strategy. Thats more of the medium. Your content and ultimate message to communicate is the real deal of the strategy. The message ranks higher than medium.

What should your message be in trying times? 

  • Can your video story communicate as to how you can address their essential needs at such a time? 

And no, you dont have to be an essential brand for that. Your décor items can help better the home-design, and contribute to the new work-from home atmosphere. Your lollipops can uplift low moods arising from being restricted to head to the parks. 

  • Show that you care about your consumers problems. Try to solve their problems. 

For instance, if your brand is a dish-washing liquid. Your brand understands the difficulties involved in multitasking amongst home-chores, work duties, kids and families. Your dishwashing liquid understands this very multitasking pain point. As a result, the technology used within helps remove stains faster. This can help one getting done with the dishes quicker and leave sometime for oneself to relax. Identify what features of your brand truly care for your customer. 

As far as laser-focussing your major efforts are concerned, glitz and glam are bygones. Your message matters majorly. 


  • “You don’t know what exactly will convince your audience to make a purchase.”


83% of marketers think video is becoming more and more important.

But get this ingrained you cannot predict what can convince your audience to make the purchase. You never could, and never can unless you decide to put someone on gunpoint. The billions of changing, evolving and existing thoughts within each individual can only influence him/her to buy the product.

Now, that youve understood this. You will not be afraid to focus more on the digital video making process more than the marketing aim. The aim is always to sell. Done.

Be fearless to focus more on the digital video making process. Here are a few questions which you can ask yourself. 

  • Is interactive video production required to connect remotely? 
  • Will a portion of the audiences watch this video on mute? If yes, explore working with animators and graphic artist in order to use motion graphics/ text play to highlight your Call-To-Action.
  • Do we need to choreograph a catchy step to communicate the message of washing hands for 20 seconds? Loop in experienced music composer to compose the track and lyrical message. 


  • Discover the ‘power of design’


A successful campaign puts its audience before its own brand. So, hacks arent striking human chords. Hiring good design is crucial. 

Akin to how a billboard or pamphlet with good design can easily convey the message and connect to its audience, the same logic works for video as well. The sincerity of the script needs to remain intact. It cannot be overdone to come across as gaudy or tacky. The end communication/ CTA needs to be easy to navigate and click. Ditching half-baked pitches and scripts is necessary to connect with your audiences. Production studios and talent who know their craft will not only make your video, but also retain audiences.

As an ever-evolving digital marketeer in the COVID-era, youll definitely strike a chord with your newly transformed consumer with new needs and roles. 

Lets highlight a few key points before the wrap-up: 

  • Think of your audience first.
  • Ensure your digital video story holds value for your audience.
  • Sell how you can help to solve their worries, instead of simply selling your brand upfront. 
  • Invest time, creativity and the right talent pool to create any digital video. 

At Twisted frame, weve constantly been implementing and adapting to the new voice of video. Lets have a chat as to how your business can communicate with your target audience through our Toronto video production and motion graphic services.