A great corporate video on your profile can boost it among your competitors. Its tone, themes, message, and overall quality play a focal role in portraying your dreams within a few minutes of a snippet. Now, if you are a new business start-up working hard to make a name in the market, your first creative video production can make it or break it. 

You need to brainstorm an idea that looks good on paper and smashing on corporate videos. 

So today, we shall some of the most creative company profile videos that made their brand’s prospective clients look back in interest. 

#1 Babajob

Babajob is a digital marketplace that connects an entry to mid-level job candidates to their dream workplace. It is a semi-formal and multi-level sector that is serious about its tasks at hand. 

This video aimed to show the viewer a quick view of the Babajob workplace. Using everyday employees and fresh faces, Babajob created a corporate video that explains the concept of working in an office, work habits, etc. 

The video starts and ends with simple well-created notice, that when you work with a digital marketing solution, it can help you add a human factor to your ads. 

As a quick and fast-paced video edit that portrayed Bangalore’s work culture, the Babajob video takes the cake. 

#2 RBC Mortgage

For first-time homebuyers, mortgaging their house can be an emotional hassle. Fortunately, Twisted Frame’s RBC mortgage video helps by simplifying complicated terms and concepts of the mortgage. By allowing graphs, images, and animation, the video aims to educate the viewers. 

It is more of a corporate animation skit along with real-life footage. Both these factors together add a lively aura to the ad. The video helps understand that applying for a mortgage can help appreciate your home’s value for reselling. To make the sale profitable, paying back on time and understanding interest rates are useful steps.

#3 Kingfisher

Kingfisher’s Atomia furniture ad has caught the attention of many due to its picturesque video quality and editing. As a corporate video, it shows off how its products can help widen the storage spaces and look minimalistic overall. The animations for the storage furniture might remind you of the Tetris game, where the aim was to put all the shapes in a synched format and create more space. 

Kingfisher’s promo ad adds a sense of cleanliness to your rooms by choosing the correct storage units. While watching, it might remind you of Mary Kondo’s Tidying Up series on Netflix that deals with adding more space to your home by removing unnecessary junk. Similarly, Atomica storage units advertise themselves as more spacious ranges that provide more open space to secure your valuables.


In conclusion, corporate video production has come a long way, and its utility can be fruitful for your brand. A successful video about your company’s background aims and aspirations can draw in several investors and clients who can keep you afloat. 

If you are now ready to task the best professionals for your business’ creative videos, Twisted Frame might be your answer. Impeccably high-quality and extensive corporate video production styles can breathe life into your idea to soar your business. Contact today to know more!